What's a design review service, I hear you ask?

I know you are fed up of posting images on your social media and

  • wondering if your designs "look right" 
  • could I have made this better
  • what could I have done different?

That  "what if" question, that never gets answered slowly erodes your confidence and mindfucks you so you stop designing images for your social media?

I have created my Design Review Service to help answer those questions for you.

This is what you do -

  • You submit one design a week, in Canva or Photoshop

This is what I do -

  • I will make a video of me fixing this image live and unfiltered.
  • No editing, just me showing you how I would improve your image.
  • We iron out all the design kinks and get that image looking as good as it can, as quick as we can.
  • Then I email/share the design to you, so you can post it up on your social media ASAP. 

There will be lots of real-life learning on this, I consider this the best type of learning as it will be done on live designs, and you will learn how to take a mediocre image and make it great.

So you should be able to uplevel your design skills quick. as. fook.

Firstly, I can't promise there will be no swearing (I get design rage lol) but I can promise there will be lots of polished, professional designs at the end.

The Design Review Serive comes in at £75 per month.

As a bonus I am gonna make this a bit different and add as much value as I can to this.

I will upload the videos into a vault, where you can view them.

PLUS you get to see ALL of the other videos that I have made of me fixing other people's designs.

Everyone wins.