Crush Your Lead Magnets With Canva

Do your lead magnets look like a 5 year old has designed them? Do you want to create them yourself and don't have the knowledge or the software to create them?  Been quoted a stupid price by a designer? 

I walk you through how to create  2 lead magnets with Canva, one using posts from social media and one using a word doc of pre written text.   I also show you how to promote it. 

Designing a lead magnet in Canva is easy.  

  • You don't need expensive software (use the free version of canva)

  • You don't need previous experience of design (I show you how to do everything)

  • You don't need have to have written an ebook (make it from facebook posts)

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to the course!
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    • Congratulations on Buying Crush Your Lead Magnets With Canva
  • 02
    Design Your Lead Magnet from Social Media Posts
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    • Designing the Cover
    • Making Page Templates
    • Designing the First Few Pages
    • Finishing the Content Pages
    • Adding the Copyright Notice and finishing up
    • Sample Copyright Notice
    • Making a PDF and Final Checks
    • The finished Ebook/Lead Magnet
  • 03
    Design Your Lead Magnet from a Word Doc
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    • Getting Set Up
    • Design your cover
    • Making The First Page
    • Complete the content pages
    • Add in the Copyright Notice
    • Make a PDF and final Checks
  • 04
    Mount Your Lead Magnet on a 3D cover
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    • The simple process I use to bring your lead magnet to life
  • 05
    Promote Your Ebook
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    • How to Use Social Media Images to sell promote your lead magnet
    • Making Social Media Images
This course costs £49, and shows you EVERYTHING you need to know to design a lead magnet quickly with minimum fuss and with no previous experience of doing so.

PS If you have already bought the "Crush It With Canva" course, this is already included in the course  - you do not have to buy it again.

PPS  If you have not bought the full "Crush It With Canva" Course then buying this gives you a £49 discount to the full course. (just email me and I will sort out the discount code for you)  This is just one section in a series of trainings on how to use Canva.